Bordered by Lake Oswego, Gladstone and Oregon City, West Linn is one of Portland’s most desirable suburbs. An area of early development prompted partially by the easy availability of electricity in the form of Willamette Falls, West Linn incorporated in 1913. It is located between the Willamette and Tualatin Rivers and is largely residential. Its early settlement has left a mark on the town in the form of historic architecture and an officially recognized Historic District, which is comprised of 75 properties, antique streetscapes and a row of iconic storefronts.

Desirable properties, including those located on West Linn’s rolling hills, offer splendid views of the rivers and surrounding areas. Singles, couples, and families moving to West Linn can expect to find homes on smaller lots as well as properties encompassing several acres or more. While its shopping areas are small, they offer plenty of diversion in the form of boutiques and eateries. One such is the West Linn Central Village, which houses a sushi joint and Starbucks as well as a home goods store and upscale grocery. Nature lovers will appreciate the historic walkway along the Willamette River, adjacent to nearby George Rogers Park, while bicyclists will find the many bike paths in the area accessible and beautiful.

  • Luscher Farms - 5.1 miles | 11 min
  • Oswego Hills Vineyard - 3.9 miles | 10 min
  • Oswego Lake Country Club - 8.3 miles | 20 min
  • West Linn Library - 4.1 miles | 9 min
  • Tryon Creek State Park- 9.1 miles | 10 min

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